The Unlikely Partnership Between Microsoft, Lufthansa And NEM

The Unlikely Partnership Between Microsoft, Lufthansa And NEM
Unibright is a German blockchain company that is seeing some growth off the back of its successful in April 2018. According to reports, Unibright actually raised $13.5 million in around ten days, quite a stunning feat in the grand scheme of things. Since their successful ICO, Unibright have also bridged a partnership between three firms that you might have heard of, tech giants Microsoft, airline giants Lufthansa and crypto giants, NEM.What will this bring?So, Unibright are actually ‘partnered’ with a lot of big companies. The end goal of Unibright is to help move companies onto the blockchain, as smoothly as possible without it impacting business operations.According to BTCManager:
“Unibright is also aware of the common problems an enterprise might come across while trying to make blockchain a part of its business operations. These adversaries might be in the form of a long-term planning, smooth implementation, successful integration and post-implementation monitoring. Unibright aims to offer a simplistic solution that tackles all the above mentioned problems. Although blockchain provides immense benefits in some areas of business integration, it will still only be a fragment in an end-to-end business integration scenario.”
“This takes us to the Unibright concept which points the importance of the state of the art blockchain infrastructure in current business processes. Built-in security, transparency, immutability and lower transactions costs are just some of the highlights that predestine blockchain for application in business integration domain.”
See more for yourself, here.  Therefore, the likes of Lufthansa and Microsoft will be using Unibright’s services to expand and grow their own individual blockchain growth and research. An example of this is the recent hackathon organised by Unibright for Microsoft Germany, something that has also taken place within Lufthansa as a result of this partnership too.What about NEM?As a crypto project, NEM’s role within this is slightly different, as they will be responsible for some of the more technical side. According to NewsBTC:
“NEM will be added as a target of the Unibright automated code generation platform. The NEM adapters will be included in the Unibright Integration Platform, making it possible to connect NEM architecture to the existing IT landscape. And, Unibright will be included as an official NEM service partner, following the training and certification process. In the future, both NEM and Unibright will be working together on joint projects, proof of concepts, and case studies with industry clients and other partners.”
See more for yourself, here. So, through NEM’s expertise, and through Unibright’s innovation, a helping hand is going to be given to companies like Microsoft and Lufthansa within their pursuit of blockchain adoption. This is a growing project that will have a very big impact in the future, we’re pretty excited about it too.   Investment Disclaimer
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