Playboy’s Cryptocurrency Has Failed, Now They Are Pretty Upset About It

Playboy’s Cryptocurrency Has Failed, Now They Are Pretty Upset About It
There has been somewhat of a revolution in cryptocurrency and adult entertainment this year, with Verge leading the way by becoming the first cryptocurrency payment option for PornHub. Since then, PornHub have expanded their portfolio to list other currencies such as TRX, proving that there seems to be a demand for crypto payments within porn. Stormy Daniels has also started a similar revolution within her adult entertainment empire, so naturally, Playboy wanted in, developing a project alongside BLOC (Global Blockchain Technologies) which aimed to integrate Vice Industry Token (VIC) within Playboy’s online adult entertainment service. The idea was simple, Playboy wanted to take crypto payments for their service, but also wanted to encourage the consumption of their service by rewarding viewers in VIC tokens for using the platform. Therefore, a blockchain incentive system seemed to be the way forward. According to The Next Web, BLOC made an official statement with regards to their new partnership, and future plans with the Playboy brand:
“BLOC is pleased to announce that it will work with Playboy Enterprises Inc. to develop a digital wallet that will enable the integration of Vice Industry Token (VIT) into the web media portal. The combination of’s content with  VIT’s engagement-monetization technology will allows users to get paid just for watching video content; the Company and Playboy will usher in a new era of media consumption that will enrich viewer engagement, and shift the imbalanced online media power dynamic to benefit the audience.  The two companies are also exploring potential additional uses for cryptocurrency-powered businesses in the future.”
See more for yourself, here.   So, what happened? In short, BLOC bottled it. According to The Next Web, BLOC didn’t manage to meet any of the criteria listed by Playboy and therefore have failed to actually provide the company with any of the required service. As a result, Playboy have filed for a lawsuit against BLOC, within the Los Angeles County Superior Court. A part of the agreement by BLOC allegedly agreed that BLOC would also make a payment of $4 million to Playboy in order to be able to fully integrate with the Playboy brand, a payment that was never made in the end. Now, Playboy want to see full compensation for damages caused by the failed project. According to The Next Web:
“BLOC has publicly denied any wrongdoing, describing the lawsuit as frivolous. It’s been quoted as saying BLOC believes it has a strong defense to the action and will be vigorously defending.”
Has this all been blown out of proportion? I feel like perhaps Playboy should be trying to work with BLOC here to see what is going on, in order to determine why things aren’t going to play. By taking them to court, they are only going to cause tension and cause other blockchain companies to worry about working with them in the future. If Playboy really want to develop a working crypto platform for their websites, then they need to work on it and not battle the industry that is trying to help them, With that in mind though, we also have no idea how BLOC have presented themselves, therefore Playboy’s moves could be totally justified.
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