Lisk Core Mainnet Launch Set For 29th August 2018

Lisk Core Mainnet Launch Set For 29th August 2018
Lisk Core 1.0 is set to be released onto the Lisk mainnet at block height 6,901,027, which is expected to arrive on the 29th of August 2018. This is as a result of some great work by the Lisk team, which has included a recent sidechain ICO and the development of new products from the Lisk project, including Lisk Elements, Lisk Ascend and Lisk Hub. Lisk Core is a key part of the Lisk protocol and will help bring the decentralised network of Lisk to the fore. The mainnet launch will allow for users to access the network via a number of methods, including through the new Lisk Hub, or through running their own Nodes. According to
“One of the many benefits of the Lisk protocol is that it circumvents the needs for a centralized server in the client-server relationship. That is, when requests are made between clients and servers, it receives the info from the nodes on the decentralized network, which all have a copy of the data, rather than from a single server.”
We also can’t forget the recent announcement of the Lisk Commander, one that further compliments the progression being made by the Lisk team. When they have an idea, they run with it and don’t stop until a new product materialised, this is sentiment to the team at Lisk and to the future progression of the project. According to
“The Lisk Commander, is a command-line interface tool that lets developers operate directly from a command line. Announced on August 13, 2018, this too has been improved upon to include new features, including access to new functions, plus transaction signature creation and verification. The team has stated that, along with Lisk Elements and the SDK, Lisk Commander will serve as the primary tool with which developers can execute and manage their interactions with both the Lisk network, and sidechains and dapps. There has also been an effort to attract developers, support adoption, and aid migration from the testnet and, to this end, a stream of documentation and guides has also been made available.”
It’s a pretty exciting time to be a part of the Lisk community right now. References Investinblockchain - Lisk Core Mainnet
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