Is Bill Clinton Investing In XRP? Ripple Announce Keynote Speaker For Swell 2018

Is Bill Clinton Investing In XRP? Ripple Announce Keynote Speaker For Swell 2018
Ripple love getting a celebrity up on their stage don’t they. Most recently, as a part of the 2018 Consensus Conference, they even had Snoop Dogg entertain the crowds for a little bit. Yep, Snoop Dogg- XRP Community Comes Together for Blockchain WeekWell, yesterday, Ripple made an interesting announcement, one that puts ex-President of the United States, Bill Clinton up on the podium as the keynote speaker for the 2018 Swell Conference, set to be held in October this year.Choosing Clinton is obviously no coincidence. We know he has an interest in Bitcoin and therefore, alongside this announcement we must assume that Clinton also has an interest in Ripple and XRP. According to Ripple, the choice of Clinton is down to the fact that during his presidency, he helped to ensure the internet had the capacity to grow to the scale that is exists in today. Ripple believe that Clinton bridged the gap between the digital world and the real world and thus, has excellent authority when it comes to addressing the crowds of investors, policy makers and tech experts who will be attending the conference.Ripple see that the internet boom, is very similar to the currency cryptocurrency boom and thus, they believe that Clinton will offer a very insightful discussion in this regard. According to Ripple:
“These learnings are perhaps more relevant now than ever before. Like the Internet boom of the 90’s, we are at an impasse: digital assets and blockchain technology offer a way for value to be exchanged as quickly as information – creating more financial inclusion and economic opportunity. However, with this new technology comes potential for concern, requiring thoughtful policy to protect consumers from risk without hampering innovation.”
See the full Ripple announcement for yourself, here.  What does Swell aim to achieve? Overall, conferences are a great way for a crypto team to spread a message and to gain some solid media attention. The swell conference wants to make the most of this, by bringing the crypto worlds, the worlds of government and the tech worlds together to discuss, collaborate and innovate. The primary programme will include the following:
  • “Financial services companies using blockchain technology in production.”
  • “New market opportunity in remittances, e-commerce and corporate marketplaces.”
  • “Frameworks for regulating digital assets across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.”
Alongside this, delegates will have the opportunity to network and learn from experts both within and outside of Ripple. Q&A sessions will be hosted and a unique collaborative environment will be fostered. For those who can’t attend, we expect the majority of this to be filmed in some capacity, so don’t worry, there’s no FOMO here. Swell will take place in San Francisco between the 1st of October 2018 and the 2nd of October 2018, more information, including further announcements can be found on the Swell website, which is now live: Investment Disclaimer
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