Fox Business Network Premiers Exploring The Block

Fox Business Network Premiers Exploring The Block

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Last month, FOX Business Network announced projects with cryptocurrency and blockchain startups through their television show New to the Street. This month, Fox Business Network premiers Exploring The Block.

Fox Business Network Premiers Exploring The Block

Exploring The Block

 is a segment within the New To The Street program. The segment is dedicated to innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Exploring The Block includes regular interviews with startups, including LQDEX and Docademic.


Host, Ken Evseroff, kicks off the conversation with Docademic. Docademic CEO, Charles Nader, explains the premise of Docademic and then dives into the merger of health and blockchain technology.


The discussion continues with Santa Monica-based, LQDEX. Evseroff sits down with LQDEX co-founders Yogesh Srihari and Sergey Nikitin, alongside advisor, James Sowers. Srihari and Nikitin explain the premise of their decentralized products, revenue models and announce LQDEX Bridge. LQDEX Bridge will serve as an auxiliary for existing decentralized exchanges. New to the Street regularly airs at 10:30 PM PST on Fox Business Network. The program reaches an approximated 100 million homes in the United States and more than 5.3 million homes in Canada. Planned programming for each week is updated at

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