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TRON Update, TRX Price And First TRONICS Volunteers Selected

TRON Update, TRX Price And First TRONICS Volunteers Selected
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With TRON now almost back on track after a couple of months of updates, including a mainnet rollout and a token migration, we are now finally seeing the TRON Foundation regain some balance and some normality. As a part of the new TRON era and TRON independence, the foundation have released a new volunteer programme that sees the election of a number of new TRONICS members. These members are special bearing on the TRON ecosystem and are going to be very important figures in the development and longevity of TRON and the TRON Foundation. According to the recent post on TRONs Medium page:
“The first batch of core TRONICS has been selected. thanks for your enthusiasm and passion. For the chosen TRONICS, let’s support TRON for a healthy growth, and for those who were failed at this round, don’t get discouraged. Core TRONICS are volunteers for the TRON Foundation to help TRON grow steadily and healthily. Actions of core TRONICS do not represent the official Actions of TRON.” TRON Core Recruitment Diagram
Images sourced from:*45N6bhYuXCWsnvXr3iS1BA.png See more for yourself, here. The past few months haven’t been too kind to TRX on the markets. This is no doubt down to the uncertainty surrounding the mainnet launch and of course the token migration. Even so, the TRON Foundation have carried out upgrades in a respectable fashion, with little error and no devastating mishaps. It has all been very successful, so far at least. TRX has now slipped out of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. It had sat pretty within the top ten and even reached 9th place for a few days, now however TRX sits in 12th place, below both NEO and Tether, at the time of writing. Moreover, TRX is valued at $0.035, down 7.68%. I will note that prior to the start of the mainnet launch, TRX came in with a value of $0.071, with this in mind we can really see the damage the past few months have done to the value of TRX. This is a decrease of 50%. TRON has now entered a new era, within this TRON will pick up pace and TRX will no doubt see an increase in market cap and value. Once again, TRON is becoming a project to keep an eye on and thus, TRX will benefit from this.

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