Tim Berners-Lee, The Father Of The Internet Believes In Blockchain

Tim Berners-Lee, The Father Of The Internet Believes In Blockchain
Tim Berners-Lee, the creator and father of the World Wide Web, now known as the internet, believes that the blockchain is the next step for the future of the internet. Berners-Lee developed an idea for a free, open source internet, through which he gave his product away to the world, to allow a culture to mature which in turn has led to the development of the internet today. Berners-Lee is often considered as one of the most important tech minds of our generation, rightly so too. According to Crypto Insider, Berners-Lee has recently spoken to Vanity Fair, in which he discusses the use of the blockchain and the future of the internet.According to Crypto Insider, here’s what Berners-Lee had to say;When discussing the internet:
“The spirit there was very decentralized. The individual was incredibly empowered. It was all based on there being no central authority that you had to go to to ask permission. That feeling of individual control, that empowerment, is something we’ve lost. The power of the Web wasn’t taken or stolen. We, collectively, by the billions, gave it away... Facebook, Google, and Amazon now monopolize almost everything that happens online, from what we buy to the news we read to who we like."
Furthermore, according to Crypto Insider:
“At the Decentralized Web Summit 2018, Berners-Lee will present Solid, ("social linked data"), a modular and extensible protocol and toolbox under development at MIT. The Solid project wants to build decentralized social applications while preserving, as much as possible, compatibility with existing W3C standards and protocols.”
See the full report for yourself, here- https://cryptoinsider.21mil.com/internet-needs-solid-re-decentralization-tim-berners-lee/Through the production of Solid, Berners-Lee is proving that his new and future interests do lie within blockchain technology.Now of course, the blockchain and the internet are technologies that are very complimentary of each other, even more so, the blockchain couldn’t exist without the internet. The internet can only be further decentralised through the use of the blockchain and indeed, this is something that Berners-Lee has recognised and also believes that it is a concept that will drive the internet and the blockchain forward, together. Whilst Berners-Lee hasn’t made his intentions fully clear, as a person with such authority, we can only expect any further movements from Berners-Lee to be of epic proportions. We are going to watch the Solid project closely, so let’s see what happens. Investment Disclaimer
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