TenX Co-Founder States That Bitcoin Will Climb 835% This Year

TenX Co-Founder States That Bitcoin Will Climb 835% This Year
Julian Hosp believes that Bitcoin will reach $60,000.00 this year, meaning that from today’s price of $6,416.02, Bitcoin will see a price rise of 835% by the end of 2018. According to Cryptoglobe, Hosp told CNBC:
“Back then, December, price was at $20,000 all-time high. I predicted for 2018, we're going to see $5,000 and $60,000. So $5,000, we pretty much hit it, so let's see if we can do the $60,000. I'm still quite confident.”
Moreover, according to Cryptoglobe:
“During his interview with Akiko Fujita at Hong Kong’s RISE tech conference, Hosp confirmed that a “massive positive event” would probably be required this year for Bitcoin (BTC) to hit $60,000. Per the TenX president, bitcoin’s price could rise significantly if an influential country were to make an announcement that would be perceived as “very, very positive” for the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. Its price might also potentially surge if applications for Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETF) are approved, Hosp added.”
See more from Cryptoglobe, here. This is a very bullish prediction but Hosp does believe that a major event will occur that will drag the price of Bitcoin up. Of course, $60,000.00 is way beyond what many investors believe Bitcoin will reach, however I’m sure this is a prediction they won’t turn their noses up at. We need to see Bitcoin reach $20,000.00 realistically before we can begin to consider $60,000.00. We are confident that soon enough Bitcoin will climb back towards $20,000.00 so therefore, this is somewhat realistic.For now, please remember that this is speculation. Do not base your investment decisions off the comments of one person, instead, use this to inform your further research. Investment Disclaimer
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