Ripple XRP Can Potentially Be Used By Banks On A Global Scale

Ripple XRP Can Potentially Be Used By Banks On A Global Scale

A recent video uploaded by XRP Coin Crypto News showed them speaking to the Chief Technology Officer at Ripple, David Schwartz on where he can see XRP going within in the next five years. During the interview, Schwartz was asked multiple questions on what he thinks of Ripple and where he sees it going in the future. What is Schwartz’s your best moment and most difficult moment at Ripple? Schwartz started working at Ripple in November of 2011 and he says it’s been a “crazy ride” whilst also adding that his best moment is right now, seeing Ripple boom. Considering the recognition that they are getting from the community now from where they started, “it’s just really mind-blowing”. As for the bad times that Ripple has endured, such as problems with Vince and some lawsuits over the years. However, he ends his answer on a good note saying that he’s “extremely excited” for the future. What do you want to see at ten years of XRP? Schwartz starts his answer by saying:

“It’s hard to predict timing, we’re at five years now and obviously five years ago there was basically nothing, so it’s hard to figure where we would get to in five years. Obviously, I would love to see inner Ledger which is Ripples protocol for atomic cross ledger payments being used with XRP as a sort of heart to it as a way that payments settle. I think in five years we could certainly see that happening.”
What is the next technical challenge for XRP?

After saying that he is extremely proud of the team at XRP he goes onto talk about the next technical challenge for the company however, he does say that there aren’t many tasks left for XRP and decentralisation is mostly “an execution challenge”. Schwartz goes on by saying:

“But we do have a lot of technical challenges in the ecosystem that we’re building around XRP… in that area we still do have a lot of challenges yet to complete.”
Do you foresee XRP becoming liquid enough to be an intermediary currency between other coins the way that Bitcoin is now?

Schwartz’s starts his answer by explaining that Ripple set out to focus on one ting and to do it really well:

“We have focused on doing one things and doing it really well and that is settling payments that’s building out a payment network that’s compliant that financial institutions (banks) and corporations can use.”
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