Mastercard, Deloitte And PwC Now Recruiting Crypto Enthusiasts

Mastercard, Deloitte And PwC Now Recruiting Crypto Enthusiasts
Some say that the best jobs come from monetising your hobby. If you love surfing, become a professional surfer. If you love decorating, become a painter, if you love brains, become a brain surgeon, as opposed to becoming a zombie?  Obviously, in many instances, it's not quite as easy as just ‘becoming a professional surfer’ however, the blockchain industry does offer enthusiasts a way into the workplace. Now it seems that this niche is expanding into mainstream companies too, with companies such as Mastercard, Deloitte and PwC now recruiting for their blockchain departments. According to Silicone Republic:
“Professional services firm Deloitte provides a range of consulting services and has a fully fledged EMEA blockchain lab operating in Ireland. It has available roles for blockchain, insurance and technology consultants.”
“Mastercard announced in April that it is expanding its Irish operation and seeking 175 new hires, looking particularly for software engineers, data scientists and blockchain specialists.”
“PwC has grown into one of the ‘Big Four’ professional services firms and has expanded its capabilities into a number of areas, including blockchain. In turn, it has a number of blockchain roles.”  
See more for yourself, here. Why is this important? In order for the blockchain industry to expand and for the blockchain revolution to have a real chance, big companies need to start employing enthusiastic individuals. Moreover, as training in cryptography and blockchain is hard to come by (it’s a new education field so in 20 years time, this will be very different), companies can’t employ ready trained people, instead, they need to employ self-taught enthusiasts. This is big news for the blockchain industry. With huge mainstream companies now fully branching into blockchain operations, the industry is going to see an acceleration. By supporting this acceleration with research and of course, the backing of large scale companies, the technology is going to become mainstream. Between Mastercard, Deloitte and PwC, there’s really no stopping it. Investment Disclaimer
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