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If You’ve Been Watching The World Cup, You’ve Probably Heard Of Hdac, But What Is It?

With the World Cup in full swing, entire nations are focused on one thing, the TV. With this, TV advertising is at an all time high in terms of exposure. With so many football fans transfixed on the screen, getting a slot around the time of the football broadcasts is pure goldust.

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have seen an advert for a company called Hdac. The advert, refers to the blockchain and blockchain technology, making out that Hdac have a product that promises to bridge the gap between real life and the blockchain.

The advert is pretty eerie and somewhat dystopian. Either way though, there’s a blockchain advert on mainstream TV, this is something we should get very excited about.

With regards to the Hdac TV advert, according to

“On the opening day of the FIFA World Cup coverage from Russia, a TV advert by South Korean internet-of-things (IoT) blockchain startup Hdac (Hyundai Digital Asset Company) was as much a talking point in the crypto space as the host nation’s 5-0 win against Saudi Arabia. One of the first times that a blockchain company has advertised on TV — and certainly the first to target such a massive audience — Hdac’s vision of a digital world, where its technology efficiently powers the world’s IoT devices, demonstrated how a modern interconnected smart household will operate.”

See more for yourself, here-

So, what is Hdac?

Hdac Technology want to create a flawless experience for blockchain transactions. Ultimately, Hdac want to improve our daily lives through integration with the blockchain. According to Hdac:

“Privacy is one of the biggest challenges facing IoT, so Hdac configures unique Hdac Platform networks for all types of users. Our platform acts to support payments with state-of-the-art hardware wallets immune to viruses. From private to public and back again, our Hdac Platform is configured as a hidden network with safe tunneling between a user and device to combat hacks, privacy invasions and external attacks. Remember, mutual authentication between devices and users is crucial for a reliable private blockchain, which fundamentally will only be practical if it interacts with the public blockchain. The technology can be applied to smart factories, smart homes, smart buildings, and various industries. Also, M2M transaction for mutual contracts and operation between IoT devices are implemented to bring a platform where rational consumptions and transactions are possible. It is also where we can implement Transaction Innovation.”

See more about Hdac for yourself, here-

Hdac seem to be presenting a very realistic concept. Regardless of this, the point we are most interested in is the fact Hdac have branched out into mainstream TV advertising. By using the World Cup as a launch platform, Hdac are ensuring they have access to a very large and diverse customer base. Granted, the majority of these viewers are going to be confused by the advert and thus, probably won’t pay a lot of attention yet, to the few who are interested, this could very well inspire a new form of blockchain advertising. Hdac aren’t starting the crypto revolution, but they may have just worked out how to get ‘normal’ people talking about it at the very least.

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