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Last Friday The 13th Meant Good Luck For The Markets, Will We See A Bull Run Today?

Friday the 13th of April is the day known for kickstarting the mid-April market surge that saw EOS to it’s all time high, allowed Bitcoin to almost touch $10,000.00 and helped XRP reach just shy of $1.00.

The superstitious amongst will believe that Friday the 13th is mediated by good luck and thus, may worry about their investments today. If the last Friday the 13th is anything to go by though, things could be very different indeed.

Obviously we know that the markets don’t conform to traditions like this and just because the last Friday the 13th brought us some good luck, it doesn’t mean this Friday the 13th will have the same effect. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty unlikely that we will see a bull run today, just because of the date, but, in all honesty, stranger things have happened.

If there is a bull run, then we might start to investigate if there’s an external body like the illuminati controlling the markets. Honestly.

We do hope to see the markets surge today, it would offer a refreshing change and would give some investors a little bit of hope, knowing that their investments are on a climb. Overall though, if it does happen we are certain it won’t be down to the date.

Either way, stay tuned and let’s watch the market through the day.

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