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If You Want To Succeed in Crypto, Make A Twitter Account

Today, James Tennant of Converge has published an article that discusses his top six Twitter accounts for cryptocurrency expertise and fantasy. You can see the full article for yourself, here.

This got us thinking. Twitter is the perfect platform for both information and misinformation, therefore you have to be very careful who you take advice from on Twitter. The guide written by Tennant is informative and we would agree that the 6 accounts mentioned are great to follow if you’re after some crypto stories and insight, however, in a world where everyone is an expert, you need to remember that actually, nobody is really an expert in this industry. Take their advice with a pinch of salt. By all means, use it to inform your investment decisions, but only as part of your wider research.

The accounts suggested by Tennant are as follows: @VitalikButerin,  @aantonop,  @SatoshiLite, @starkness, @Melt_Dem and @shingolavine.

In the words of Tennant:

“NOTE – Before anyone flips their lid (yeah, we know what you’re like, internet), this is an ‘in no particular order’ list. IE: we’re not saying Number One is better than Number Five.”

Twitter is great for research, but you need to be careful out there. As we know, it is full of scams such as fake airdrops and seemingly thousands of fake Ethereum giveaways. Within Twitter you can see price updates, information on market trends and important news. The majority of major cryptocurrencies use Twitter to leak new announcements and to share news of upcoming updates and breaking news regarding hacks and security breaches.

Essentially, what we are saying is, Twitter is a hub for new, up to date crypto and blockchain news. If you’re not on Twitter, join it. It’s a bit old school now, but it’s still as important as ever.

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