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EOS & Ethereum On Top In China’s New Crypto Ratings

EOS & Ethereum On Top In China’s New Crypto Ratings
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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China has just revealed its third official cryptocurrency ratings index. In June, NEO, Stellar, Lisk and Nebulas were at the bottom with Ethereum and EOS on top. This month, EOS and Ethereum maintain their position but with Ripple, Stellar and NEO slightly dipping. The number one digital currency, Bitcoin is holding onto the number 16 position on the ratings index. Here is a look at the top 16 on the index. Each of the scores is based on the underlying technology of each coin as well as the innovation, application and technology that goes into it. Crypto Coins Listings At the time of writing, the current market position of Ethereum is placed just below Bitcoin and is worth around $48 billion. The individual price of ETH is just below $474 with an increase rate of 4.7%. ETH seems to be paving the way for EOS as it has a 7.7% rate of increase. Its current price is around $8 which currently makes it the 5th biggest digital currency in the world.

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