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Despite Falling Markets, Here Are The Five Major Cryptocurrencies That Are Up This Month

The markets have been somewhat depressing over the past few months. Values have been down under a tight grip from the bears and therefore, many investors will be very much down on their investments. There are however some cryptocurrencies that overall have moved against the grain in the past month and are priced significantly higher now than this time a month ago, proving that even whilst the markets are down, there are some good investment opportunities within cryptocurrency, you’ve just got to look out for them.

At the time of writing, Mithril, ZenCash, Basic Attention Token, Digibyte and TokenPay are all up significantly compared to last month, therefore if you’ve invested in these currencies, you may be feeling a little pleased with yourself.

The following figures have been taken from Bitscreener’s 1-Month Crypto Gainers List.

Mithril is up 8.16% compared to this time last year. With a price of $0.50, the negative markets haven’t had a huge impact on this currency. Mithril is especially volatile however and this trend could change in time. Whilst an 8% gain isn’t massive, it could be a good time to sell if you’re only after short gains with this one.

ZenCash is up 8.59% over the month. ZenCash is valued at $20.56 at present and again has made some progress in the recent falling markets. ZenCash is promising to continue to grow and could be one to watch through the rest of the month.

Basic Attention Token is up 15.15% over the month. The native token to the Brave browser is currently valued at $0.25 and promises to gain more and more popularity as the ad-blocking culture grows.

DigiByte is up 17.00% over the month. At the time of writing, DigiByte is valued at $0.037 so is still priced fairly cheap.

TokenPay is up a huge 42.69% over the past month. TokenPay have made some large announcements, including the acquisition of a large German banking firm which will now see the integration of Litecoin. Moreover, TokenPay are also working closely with Verge. We expect this growth to continue, TokenPay is one to watch.

The biggest gainer over the past month is BitBean, a cryptocurrency that is ranked 281st for market capitalisation. BitBean has a value of $0.023 and has seen a growth of 394.83% over the past month.

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