Dash Teams Up With New Software Company In Exciting Partnership Announcement

Dash Teams Up With New Software Company In Exciting Partnership Announcement
With the current market progression and the positive climate, Dash has made decent progression, progression that is sure to be extended with this new partnership announcement.As a currency currently ranked in 14th place for market capitalisation according to Coinmarketcap.com, we should consider Dash not only a serious contender for the top spot, but also as a cryptocurrency with real bearing and a real community following. As a result, positive news like this always resonates well with the value of Dash.At the time of writing, Dash is valued at $246.84, up 1.77%. According to reports, Dash have partnered up with a software firm called Tradecore. Tradecore is a company which specialises in the production of software for brokerage firms. They produce and manage financial software for businesses and aim to become world leaders in the field. For more information, check out the Tradecore website, here.According to Tradecore’s vision:
“TradeCore is committed to delivering smart and efficient fintech products and services, with the intention to revolutionise the market by making life easier for all who work in finance, and to make innovation-driven thinking into industry standard. It is our mission to turn the existing, complex technologies, into simple and engaging novel concepts. By creating advanced products, services and apps available to any individual worldwide, we strive to empower people to actively participate in the world of finance.”
Their new partnership with Dash will see a new development for blockchain solutions between Dash and Tradecore, also integrating the services of BlockCypher. According to a press release in The Paypers:
“The new support for digital assets is made possible through Tradecore and Dash’s partnership with BlockCypher, which specializes in blockchain solutions and blockchain agnostic products. The partnership enables financial service providers and businesses operating on capital markets to send, receive, and hold Dash and other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.”
See the full press release for yourself, here. Whilst this is by no means the biggest partnership announcement ever, it is key in ensuring the longevity of the Dash project. As Dash grows and as Dash partner with more companies, the project on the whole is guaranteed to see further growth, which in turn, guarantees the growth of the currency, ready for it to be adopted in the future.Get your eggs in as many baskets as you can, that’s what they say right? Investment Disclaimer
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