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What Will The 2018 Litecoin Summit Bring?

What Will The 2018 Litecoin Summit Bring?
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It seems that more and more, we are seeing cryptocurrency exhibitions, conferences and summits crop up. We believe these are fantastic platforms for product launches, brand announcements and of course, networking. The Litecoin Foundation have recently tweeted that they are now accepting exhibitor applications for the 2018 Litecoin Summit. This, is calling out to businesses and companies that accept Litecoin specifically to come down to the show and exhibit their wears. Why is this important? Well, in the pursuit of cryptocurrency adoption, many people believe that cryptocurrencies need normalising, therefore, within this summit, Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation appear to be making cryptocurrencies normal, by bringing together, normal, brick and mortar businesses to talk about why they choose to adopt Litecoin and of course, to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of Litecoin adoption. Whilst many other fairs and conferences like to invite the big-wigs to talk about their own internal successes, it seems that here, Litecoin and the Litecoin Foundation are reaching out to get normal people involved, it’s a vital step in the pursuit for cryptocurrency adoption and moreover, it could really inspire many more businesses to start to accept Litecoin payments. There are tonnes of rumours out and about regarding Litepay, the failed Litecoin payment system that hoped to inject cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Whilst it is not confirmed, we are pretty sure that a project similar to Litepay is now in production. The 2018 Litecoin summit in September would be the perfect platform through which to launch such a product. Now, this is speculation and we can’t confirm that this is the case, overall though you have to agree, a Litecoin branded stage would make a new Litepay announcement hit the headlines, in the most effective way possible. Whilst we can’t guarantee Litepay, we can guarantee that this summit will bring with it some big announcements and some big news. Therefore, for now, our advice is to pencil the date in your diaries, the 14th and 15th of September 2018 could bring with it some incredible Litecoin news. Until then, we will wait with baited breath.

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