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Litecoin Could Lead Us All To The Moon

Litecoin Could Lead Us All To The Moon
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There has been an awful lot of positive news from Litecoin and the Litecoin foundation recently. Being a bit of a Twitter fiend, Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin often tweets about his latest plans and the developments of Litecoin, because of this, you can be quite confident that anything he says, comes with good authority and that much of the speculation that stems from his activities, is probably true. As it stands, Litecoin is down 0.28%, with a value of $136.33. Therefore, we could argue that Litecoin is having a bit of a hard time at the moment. This however is market-wide and is almost certainly down to the overall market climate, and thus, nothing to do with the currency itself. So, what’s the news that’s going to send us to the moon? Firstly, we now know that Litecoin is going to be listed on Gemini. This news has had a stunning impact on Zcash, so the same will happen within Litecoin, it’s a given. Bitcoin Cash have also benefited from this news, with reports leaking that the two will be added later on this year. Next up, Litecoin friends Abra have opened Litecoin deposits within their mobile application. Likewise, Toshi is to be adding similar support for Litecoin within their application too. Openbazaar have added support for P2P Litecoin trading and likewise, Börse Stuttgart have launched Litecoin trading. Now of course, all of this news has passed and it hasn’t caused Litecoin to skyrocket, but what we aim to demonstrate here is that, as all of these announcements start to materialise, and Litecoin gains more listings and more partnerships, the value of Litecoin will rise. If this, coincides with the next expected cryptocurrency boom, we could see Litecoin surpass its all time high of over $365.00. When will this happen? The next cryptocurrency boom can never be truly predicted as such, but based on trends and models, many experts are expecting it to take hold before the end of 2018. One thing we do know is that movements of this nature, should see values rise exponentially, Litecoin will be a part of this, if only through its innovative and well thought out future. Litecoin strives for cryptocurrency adoption, the news we have reported are all small steps towards that end goal, an end goal that when it comes, could see Litecoin investors riding a wave of glory. Please bear in mind that this is not investment advice, if you want to buy Litecoin, prior research is essential. Trade safe and trade well.

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