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VeChain’s Work Rate Is Simply Quite Impressive

VeChain’s Work Rate Is Simply Quite Impressive
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VeChain have recently released news of some new collaborations. When you look at the work rate of many major cryptocurrencies, few seem to match up to that of the rate shown by VeChain. They have a commitment to their technologies to is frankly second to none. This is proven by such projects as MOBI and such partnerships as the VeChain x PwC partnership. In short, VeChain are working hard, we’re pretty impressed. A recent Medium post by the VeChain Foundation discusses a bunch of new collaborations that are aimed at securing the VeChainThor Blockchain. You can see the full post for yourself, here- These collaborations are aimed at ensuring the security and integrity of the VeChain network. Within this, VeChainThor has been under some scrutiny and has seen a range of third-party testing, from alpha testing and code audits, to blockchain security testing and mobile wallet security testing. VeChain have partnered with external companies to run this testing as they believe simply that third-party companies can offer new insight and new perspective which can allow for richer investigations and testing to take place. The companies involved in this are as follows; Secureware, a blockchain security firm which works to support security assessments. They operate through a mix of academic work and technical work to help ensure the integrity of networks. Hosho, a company that specialises in smart contract auditing and penetration testing. According to The VeChain Foundation, Hosho specialise in providing security services to Fortune 500 companies. SlowMist, a defensive cybersecurity firm with expertise in direct and frontline cybersecurity. Finally, HackenProof, a vulnerability rewarding platform that encourages a global community of developers to spot and locate bugs and vulnerabilities, in return for a bounty payment. They encourage ethical hacking for their clients. As you can see, VeChain have put an incredible amount of thought into who they wish to work with, and really haven’t held back in ensuring a number of large companies are able to work alongside VeChain. This is quite inspiring and shows that actually, keeping things as a part of a strict development team may not always be the best plan for blockchain brands, instead, transparency through collaboration should be the name of the game.

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