ReddCoin Skyrockets With Phore Announcement

ReddCoin Skyrockets With Phore Announcement

We have very recently seen ReddCoin skyrocket with a new announcement that will see the ReddCoin project move alongside Phore Blockchain, a cryptocurrency and blockchain based project that enables transfers through a standardised ecosystem. With this news, ReddCoin managed to jump up from a value of $0.0050, up to $0.0057, and is continuing to climb. At the time of writing, ReddCoin is up 4.03%. Just consider that ReddCoin’s neighbours aelf and Ark are down 6.61% and 3.68% respectively, it’s clear this announcement has had a positive impact on ReddCoin. Will this positive impact last? Probably not, but at least it is injecting a bit of life into the lower portion of the market. According to Coingape, the CEO of Phore, Thomas Ambler has said:

“Phore’s partnership with Reddcoin will create more flexibility to buy and sell goods and services in the Marketplace for holders of both PHR and RDD, as well as give vendors more options as to which currencies to accept. Reddcoin’s user base, combined with Phore’s users base creates a more powerful and flexible eCommerce experience.”

Moreover, CTO of ReddCoin, John Nash has said:

“We are very excited about the partnership with Phore Blockchain and what it brings to the Reddcoin community. In addition to RDD being used with major social media platforms, the Phore Marketplace will provide more options for RDD holders to engage in decentralized eCommerce adding increased utility to RDD.”

See the full report by Coingape for yourself, here- What is Phore? Phore works off a PoS concept, as both a currency and a blockchain format, Phore aims to facilitate reliable and quick transactions, on a decentralised market place. This is current in beta-mode and is fully accessible. Moreover, Phore aims to be fully private and transparent. Phore is a host for various decentralised applications that are built upon a flexible smart contract platform. Users of Phore can also earn rewards for their participation. Through a new integration with ReddCoin, the pairing now wants to use their advantages and enter the e-commerce world, using the already popular and user friendly ReddCoin format as a platform to launch this. You can find out more about Phore, here- This is an exciting partnership that promises to build upon an exciting concept. Whilst it might take time for the partnership to mature, we can expect both ReddCoin and Phore to hit the ground running here. Soon enough, we will see something cool materialise from this, that’s something we can all be excited about.

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