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Liquidity.Network Will Change The World Of Airdrops

Liquidity.Network Will Change The World Of Airdrops
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With the Liquidity.Network ICO incoming, we are turning to the teams incredible new Airdrop feature to see how Liquidity.Network may very well change the way we all partake in Airdrops. The ICO launches on the 14th of June, therefore, now is a pretty good time to start reading up about the Liquidity.Network. If you don’t wise up, you won’t be able to take advantage of it’s game changing format. That’s where we come in – as promised, here’s the really important stuff you need to know! So, before I begin, let’s just clarify what exactly an Airdrop is. An Airdrop is essentially a free coin giveaway in exchange for exposure, it’s a marketing technique that gives users and investors free assets, in return for engagement, something that is valuable to new and upcoming brands/companies. Liquidity.Network are aware of the true power behind Airdrops and thus, believe they know the key to making them a true success. By locating a number of problems within the Airdrop ‘industry’ Liquidity.Network have developed a bunch of innovative solutions. According to the Liquidity.Network whitepaper, the problems with Airdrops include:
  • “Airdrop through a custodian (not good, a wallet provider holds the user’s private keys, like a bank).”
  • “Airdrop by sending the private keys to the users (not good, the airdrop provider is still custodian).”
  • “Making millions of on-chain transactions, expensive, slow, spamming the blockchain, not scalable.”
See the full whitepaper for yourself, here- So, how are Liquidity.Network addressing these issues? Airdropping tokens to millions of users
  • “No transaction costs.”
  • “No custodian required Instant and fast drop enabled.”
  • “No security problems through private key leakage.”
  • “Receiver can instantly forward drops to friends to multiply the network effect.”
  • “New engagement possibilities: possibility to send multiple drops, different amounts, no extra cost.”
As the ICO approaches, it is a super exciting time for Liquidity.Network. As promised, we will continue to analyse the pros and cons of the network in the lead up to the launch. For now, keep an eye on our news and remember to get that launch date pencilled in. The Liquidity.Network ICO launches on the 14th of June 2018. Please also remember that this is not investment advice, we are simply just researching this project on your behalf. It is of course important to use our research to inform your own research. Your own due diligence will of course provide you with a far more prosperous cryptocurrency investing experience.

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