Huobi HB10 Added To Bloomberg Data Terminal

Huobi HB10 Added To Bloomberg Data Terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal is a system developed by Bloomberg to allow financial experts to access Bloomberg moderated market data. The system is an inclusive package for any company within the financial sector and is also used to provide financial workers news, price quotes and a messaging service across a secured network. Whilst it is not known to be the prettiest or most user-friendly system, it is renowned across the traditional finance industry. Bloomberg Terminals are leased on two-year cycles, with prices coming in at around $22,500 per user per year. As you can tell, this is not a system for the feint hearted and should be considered as a very big tool within the financial world. Therefore, it is pretty exciting that Bloomberg have officially announced the listing of the Huobi HB10 index, which provides users with information from the top ten cryptocurrencies traded within the Huobi exchange. This integration will now see Huobi’s top ten listed within the Bloomberg Terminal, providing users with real time cryptocurrency information for cryptocurrencies traded against Tether (USDT). At present, the top ten cryptocurrencies (USDT trading pairs) exchanged on Huobi (in no particular order) are as follows:

The HB10 index was launched just a month ago, therefore this move will really set the wheels in motion for the HB10 project. Upon its release last month, according to Finance Magnates, Huobi said the following in an official statement:

“Huobi main force has divided digital assets into four main categories: digital asset, platform, application and real asset substitute (of which real asset substitute is not included in the index because it represents the price of real assets). Assets will be ranked according to their turnover, and top assets of each category will be selected as index samples. After samples are selected, the sample weight will be calculated based on the daily average trading volume of the previous quarter.”


“In case an asset is delisted from the exchange, the sample will be temporarily replaced. And the coins that are ranked first in the candidate list will be selected as the sample coins in turn.”

You can see the full report for yourself, here- According to Bloomberg, there are over 325,000 users of the Bloomberg Terminal, all of whom will now be given access to cryptocurrency trading figures through the Huobi platform. This is an exciting cross over between the traditional financial world and the cryptocurrency world and although it might not be the biggest move for cryptocurrency adoption, it will, at the very least, put cryptocurrencies in the minds of some of the worlds most powerful and influential investors.

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