Does This Mean That Millennial Women Are The Future For Cryptocurrencies?

Does This Mean That Millennial Women Are The Future For Cryptocurrencies?

The cryptocurrency industry is often accused of being very male-centric. Indeed, we see too many reports from women who feel they haven’t been taken seriously at exhibitions and conferences by their male counterparts, with plenty of instances of patronising ‘mansplaining’ taking place. Many also forget that within a large amount of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, plenty of the director and executive positions are held by women, yet unfortunately, often even these people are seen as inferior to their male counterparts. This isn’t down to cryptocurrency specifically by any means, it’s a result patriarchal ideology that has repressed women for centuries, thankfully times are changing, we aren’t there yet mind and there’s a long way to go. Hopefully though, with more and more women representing the cryptocurrency industry, our movements can help change that, indeed, this research also paves good steps toward abolishing misogyny within the crypto-revolution. CoinJournal have today highlighted some great market research that has been undertaken by the London Block Exchange. The research questioned 2000 participants all of whom are UK adults. The findings overall suggest women are now ahead of men when it comes to considering cryptocurrency investment. The majority of those women questioned who are interesting in investment sit within the millennial generation, those born between 1980 and 1994 (generally, although this category can be interpreted slightly differently depending on which school of thought you reside under). According to CoinJournal:

“The market research was conducted by London Block Exchange (LBX) – the U.K.’s only dedicated multi-cryptocurrency exchange. LBX commissioned Opinium Research LLP to carry out online research among 2,000 U.K. adults between 13th and 17th May 2018. Previous research was undertaken from the 4th to the 7th December 2017. The study showed that one in eight women (13 percent) are now thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies, as demand among men levels out. This is compared to just six percent at the start of the year. For the millennial audience that figures rise to one in five women (20 percent).”


“Interestingly, in the same time frame, the research found that interest among male investors has levelled out, with no major growth from male audiences. As a result, women are considered the ‘growth audience’ for crypto.”

See the full report by Coin Journal for yourself, here- With this in mind (yes, it’s a small sample size but it’s still relevant) big future investments could be coming from younger women. Indeed, it is likely that such people will be contributing to large scale industrial investments in the future that will no doubt drive the markets on a huge upwards trajectory. Therefore, assuming these findings can be generalised, yes indeed, millennial women do pose a great power with regards to the future of cryptocurrencies. If this inquisition continues, then we only expect to see more and more women enter the industry at an upper level, something that the rest of the world could very much learn some much needed lessons from.

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