Will TRON Hit Top 3 In This New Timeline?

Will TRON Hit Top 3 In This New Timeline?

It is now pretty common knowledge that the TRON foundation wants to see TRX in amongst the top three cryptocurrencies for market capitalisation. Of course, TRON have a long way to go before they can achieve this, however, their new map and new timeline seems to make good stead towards this.

Okay, if you take a look at the standings, the roll out of the TRON MainNet on the 31st of May hasn’t had the best impact on TRON. At the time of writing, the value of TRON stands at $0.058, down 6.88%. However, don’t let this issue a pessimistic outlook. There’s still time for TRON to turn this around, this is exactly how they aim to do it, according to a recent Medium post:

“TRON’s Project Genesis will be a huge part in the growth of TRON’s network with the launch of the mainnet. Community developers will have the opportunity to be a part of a reward program of up to $2 billion USD. Tron Accelerator has already awarded loans for DApps that will be created on the TRON platform, and with the mainnet launch, from June 1st to June 24th, the bug bounty reward program is open to all, with rewards ranging from $10,000-$100,000 depending on the severity.”

Moreover, of course, the key part of the MainNet launch will see the migration of TRX from the ERC-20 token, onto a new native TRX token. According to TRON:

“As we approach the June 25th token migration, also known as “TRON Independence Day,” we look at our final departure from Ethereum’s ERC-20 token as the TRON TRC-20 coin will become the new standard for the TRON Foundation. TRON supporters will have a seamless migration of the TRX coin, which will allow for a safe and easy way for users to convert their tokens. All the major exchanges will be assisting TRON holders in this process. Listed below are the exchanges that will be helping with the token migration.”

Most importantly:

“With the mainnet launch complete, TRON can now begin to build on its own platform. Q2 saw the release of the mainnet, with an improved DPoS, better performance in scalability and security. In Q3, “Odyssey 3.0,” the TRON Virtual Machine, known as TVM, will be launched on July 31st, this will give developers the ability to develop smart contracts on the TRON mainnet. In Q4, “Great Voyage” will see the launch TRON P2P network and features like multi-sig and sharing.”

What is the take home message from this? Whilst TRON might look unstable at the moment, the TRON foundation has an awful long way to go before TRON is really going to make tracks up to the market cap top three. Many will say its impossible and many others believe TRON will hit the top spot, realistically though, nobody knows what is going to happen. For now, let’s keep an eye on how TRON develops, during this, the most important time of its existence.

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