Crypto Valley Conference And Zug’s New Blockchain Voting System

Crypto Valley Conference And Zug’s New Blockchain Voting System

The upcoming Crypto Valley conference in Zug, Switzerland will bring together the finest academic and business minds in the crypto-industry. Set in the sleepy town of Zug, the conference aims to open up brand new discussions on the implications of blockchain technology and the future of the blockchain industry. Within this, authorities have established a blockchain based voting system in which the people of Zug will be able to use their smartphones to vote in a ‘trial vote’ which has been established to measure how practical a blockchain based voting system would be for authorities within Zug and Switzerland. Voters will be asked a series of different things, from voting on the favourability of fireworks at a festival, to opinions on car-parking fees. Delegates will also be asked if they believe a blockchain-based digital ID system would be useful for referendum voters in the future. According to

“Between June 25 and July 1, residents will be invited to take part in Switzerland’s first municipal blockchain vote. As it is only a test, the results of the vote will be non-binding for city authorities. Voters will be surveyed on whether they are in favour of fireworks at the annual Lakeside Festival, and whether they think digital IDs should be used to borrow books from the library or pay parking fees. Users will also be asked if the blockchain-based digital ID system should be used for regular referendum votes in future.”


“Zug introduced its eID system to allow citizens digital access council services in a pilot phase starting last autumn. The system went further than others in use in Switzerland by putting it on the blockchain – a decentralised database that grants users full control over their data. Canton Schaffhausen’s eID+ system, which is not run on blockchain, announced earlier this week that it will be fully launched following a successful test phase that began in December. This gives residents access via their smartphones to the canton’s tax, employment, road traffic, child protection and planning and other departments. Businesses will also be able to access the eID service.”

See the full article for yourself, here- Named ‘the Crypto Valley’ it is no wonder that Zug has been selected as the location for the Crypto Valley Conference, which takes place between the 19th and 22nd of June.

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