Cardano Flies Into June, Weekly Report Looks Promising

Cardano Flies Into June, Weekly Report Looks Promising

has thus far seen some positive movements going into June. Granted, today Cardano has been subject to some correction, however, given the positivity experienced through the first days of June and through a very in-depth weekly report from the team, we expect Cardano to join a positive trajectory once again, soon enough. At the time of writing, Cardano is valued at $0.218, down 6.88%. Since the end of May, Cardano has moved upwards from $0.17, through to $0.22 and a height of $0.233 as seen yesterday (3rd June 2018). This current downwards momentum is backpedalling some of Cardano’s recent progression, however, we should remain optimistic and expect to see Cardano turn around soon enough. Let’s delve into the weekly report by Cardano to see what could be around the corner for this growing currency. Before we start, you can see the full report for yourself, here- Last week, the Cardano development team have performed a great deal of maintenance, something that is of course essentially in ensuring the longevity of a product. According to Cardano:

“The React 16 upgrade which was started and will require a lot of changes in Daedalus codebase. In order to make this upgrade possible the team had to implement ‘ref’ and ‘context’ polyfills in React-Polymorph library. The rest of the maintenance tasks include: refactoring of the npm scripts to use colon style, adding Eslint and Flow checks to the Daedalus Storybook directory and internal application to redirect logic refinements.”

Further development has taken place within the new Cardano native wallet, which has seen improvements added to the wallets transaction submission layer and improvements made on the wallets transaction fee estimation. Next up, Cardano have paid great focus on improving the speed of the Cardano network. According to Cardano:

“The team continued their push in the ongoing effort to speed up verification and application of blocks. The week was spent working on the new deserialization that can record bytestring offsets of decoded substructures.”

This simply scratches the surface. If you really want to explore how much work Cardano have completed (in just one week!) take a look at the report. It’s simply astonishing to see such a level of innovation and commitment, two factors that are promising to drive the Cardano network upwards. This workflow will contribute to a better, safer and more efficient cryptocurrency and of course, a more powerful Cardano blockchain.

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