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A Repeat of April’s Luck Could See EOS Reach $58.00

A Repeat of April’s Luck Could See EOS Reach $58.00
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In our on-going analysis of ‘how might another bull run affect the markets’ we are going to take a look at EOS. During April, EOS was the real winner, the mid-April market surge saw EOS reach brand new heights, overall, EOS totally stole the show. With this in mind, and EOS’s currently high value, a second market surge could have a really big impact on EOS, and thus could see it reach brand new heights. Realistically, many people have set a target of $30.00 for EOS, but, if the last surge is anything to go by, accelerated by todays values, EOS could have no trouble reaching $58.00, mathematically at least. Now of course, this would take a perfect climate and an incredible amount of luck, but, it is indeed possible, here’s how- So, back in April, as the surge began to take hold, EOS rose from a value of $5.29, up to an all-time high of $21.94. This equates to a rise of 314%, technically. So, if a surge of a similar velocity hit EOS, we would expect to see a rise in excess of 300% again. Now here’s the fun bit… At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $14.04. Assuming another bull run hits the markets whilst EOS is sitting around this figure, mathematically speaking we could see EOS reach $58.00, this would require a jump up of 313% altogether. Granted, that is a crazy high figure and a lot of it would depend on a huge increase in trading volume and a rise in the market capitalisation of EOS, however, with the EOS MainNet now in the works, this too is very possible. Overall, we can’t guarantee that this sort of thing will happen within the markets. Predicting bullish behaviour is tricky at best but predicting a market that is wide enough to see currencies make gains of 300% plus is pretty rare, especially when you consider that is has only just happened. Therefore, with this in mind please remember that the markets are extremely volatile. Of course, volatility works both ways and it is this volatility that makes 300% climbs possible, however, on the flipside we can see big declines take hold. Stay safe out there and do your research. Sometimes the maths just isn’t enough to really inform you with regards to what might happen next.

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