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What Could The Current Market Uncertainty Mean?

What Could The Current Market Uncertainty Mean?
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After 24-hours or so of gains, off the back of weeks of devastating losses, today, for the first time, the markets seem to be heading in all sorts of directions. As it stands, there’s no real median trend, instead, currencies are flying around all over the place. Some sustaining, some losing value and some making considerable gains. This in essence is down to the sheer volatility of the markets. We are witnessing an air of uncertainty that can only be down a mix of correction, emotional interference and of course, organic movements. With many bullish experts suggesting this could be the start of the next bull run, and many expert bears claiming they still have a grip on the market, as we enter June, things are looking more uncertain than ever. Uncertainty isn’t a bad thing of course, it just means we need to pay extra close attention to movements and of course, news that can impact movements. As it stands, investors should be patient and hold on, be wise in your decision making, and June could very well become a super prosperous month, regardless of the direction of the markets. Let’s have a look at the standings. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $7,552.69, up 0.78%. Bitcoin has balanced around $7,500.00 for around a day now, suggesting that it has overcome and potential resistance that may have been seen at $7,000.00. There’s a way to go before Bitcoin can see $10,000.00 again, however, as it stands currently, Bitcoin is setting itself up to make the very most out of any impending bull runs. If the markets re-enter a decline, at the very least, Bitcoin has done some damage control, and shouldn’t see values below $6,000.00 any time soon. At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $12.32m down 0.01%. EOS is seeing a bit of a rusty patch at the moment, as the launch of EOSIO approaches, people are having mixed feelings about where they stand with EOS. Let’s remember though, in the last surge, EOS surpassed its all time high by almost $5.00 and therefore, EOS has proved it has a huge potential to grow. Once the waters are clear, EOS will continue to rise again and let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, any values above $11.00 should be seen as positive for EOS at the moment. Cardano is valued at $0.21, up 3.38% at the time of writing. Cardano is seeing significantly higher gains than a lot of cryptocurrencies at the moment, highlighting the variation we are currently seeing. Likewise, at the time of writing, IOTA is flying too, valued at $1.70, up 7.17%, it seems that IOTA is relishing from anticipation for the announcement of Qubic, which is due to hit us in just a couple of days’ time. Here’s a few more current standings, to really show you how varied the markets are looking at the moment- At the time of writing, TRON is down 5.59%, NEO is up 1.58%, VeChain is down 0.67%, Binance Coin is up 9.67%, Zcash is down 4.24% and Verge is up 0.34% Like I said, things are looking pretty uncertain at the moment. Keep a close eye on the markets, this really is volatility at its best.

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