TRON MainNet Update With 22 Days Until Official Launch

TRON MainNet Update With 22 Days Until Official Launch

We are currently at around TRON minus 22 days. The full launch of the TRON MainNet is a highly anticipated event. The launch of this MainNet, following the success of the TRON TestNet will see not just the value of TRX sky rocket, but also will see a continued increase in the trading volume and marketed capitalisation of TRON. As the MainNet is rolled out and as TRX moves onto its own blockchain, away from its current Ethereum operation, TRON should cement itself as a real top ten cryptocurrency.

In the lead up to this, the next update for the TRON MainNet has been rolled out according to a Tweet by Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and TRX. Named Odyssey-v.1.06, the next update to the TRON MainNet will see a number of new features added to the system, in time for the full roll out. The TRON Foundation have used this update to add a bandwidth-based mode, vote freeze, vote defreeze and reward redemption. Moreover, the update should see an overall upgrade to the performance of the system. According to TRON’s Medium page:

“On May 7, 2018, TRON MainNet was updated to Odyssey-v.1.06 with a number of new features. Besides the bandwidth-based mode in transfer, we have introduced vote freeze, vote defreeze and reward redemption. Most modules and mechanisms have undergone an optimization, with an improved overall performance, signalling steady progress in our development.”

Other upgrades will see the MainNet fixed of a number of known bugs (of course, as the launch date looms, more bugs will no doubt be discovered and thus further work on this will be required), new updates to the interaction protocol with an improved ranking system for bad nodes, the addition of a function test module, the introduction of a memory efficient indexing mechanism and the optimisation of the P2P module, increasing broadcast efficiency. According to TRON, CTO, Lucien Chen has said:

“This update offers much smoother connections, higher TPS thanks to concurrency techniques, and a more wholesome, more decentralized voting system.”

Overall, this update will provide more positivity to the TRON foundation and will further aid the media hype surrounding the anticipation behind the MainNet launch. As the MainNet is rolled out, we should no doubt see more and more people investing in TRON and of course should see the value of TRX shoot upwards. At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.084 and is up 3.59%. Of course, we have a long way to go before TRON reaches $0.10 and of course even further before TRON reaches $0.50 or even $1.00, however, as TRON starts to become a much more serious cryptocurrency, these utopian figures may start to become more realistic prospects indeed. See the full Odyssey-v.1.06 press release for yourself, here-

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