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TRON Back In Ninth Place, Up 17%, There's No Stopping It Now

TRON Back In Ninth Place, Up 17%, There's No Stopping It Now
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The past week or so of negative market movements has taken its toll on TRON. With anticipation building regarding the launch of the TRON MainNet, we expected to see some huge growth within the value and market capitalisation of TRON. However, the market climate seemed to have stunted this progression, doing the complete opposite and causing TRON to seep a bit of value. This now seems to have passed and finally, we see TRON making upwards positive moves at a frankly stunning rate. What does this tell us? Two things really, first of all, TRON has recovered from this bit of bad luck and secondly, that now, its MainNet time and finally, this positive movement by TRON is unlikely to end any time soon. We must note that TRON has once again surpassed IOTA for market capitalisation, now making TRON the ninth biggest cryptocurrency according to At the time of writing, TRON has a market capitalisation of $5,481,466,092.00, now holding a difference of $441,510,602.00 over IOTA. This is an incredible feat, especially considering that TRON is still running off the ethereum blockchain at the moment. Justin Sun, founder of TRON and of the TRON Foundation is noted to believe that eventually, his currency will move into the top three. Assuming he’s after Ethereum’s hot spot at the moment, perhaps one day we will see Ripple XRP move down into fourth place, with TRON taking second and of course, Ethereum trailing behind. Now, at the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.083, and is up 16.94%. What we are seeing at the moment is a great upwards progression that is really encouraging TRON to rack up value, and as demonstrated, market capitalisation. The launch of the TRON MainNet and an official migration of TRON onto its own network is being met with open arms by a community that is driven by innovation. We are almost there and promise to see some really great advancements as a result of the hard work of the TRON Foundation. The next few days should indicate some bold things about TRON, perhaps we will see it rack up some real value soon, in light of all this. For now, hold on and let’s see what comes of this. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and therefore should you decide to invest, you should do so based on your own research. This text is not investment advice, it does however see TRON in a positive light, something that at least suggests we may see TRON do very big things soon enough.

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