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TRON Down 10% But Still Managing To Hold Value

TRON Down 10% But Still Managing To Hold Value
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As it stands, TRON is making big losses much like the rest of the markets. As we know, TRON are on the verge of the launch of their new MainNet. This will see TRON migrate from the Ethereum blockchain onto its own native blockchain. As it stands, the TRON currency, TRX is built upon an Ethereum ERC-20 token, this will soon change over to a new native TRX, built from scratch by the TRON foundation. The MainNet is due to launch on the 31st of May and should see the value of TRON increase significantly. Likewise, with anticipation mounting for this event, we expect to see TRON rise nicely over the coming days. At the time of writing, TRON ios valued at $0.071 and is down 10.66%. Considering the state of the markets and TRON’s decline, it is quite impressive that TRON has managed to stay afloat of $0.070, at least for the time being. With the current poor market trend looking to continue, we of course do expect TRON to break away from this soon enough. As it stands, TRON stands in ninth place for market capitalisation according to, this is most impressive given that at the moment TRON is still on the Ethereum blockchain. Very recently, we saw TRON surge around 19% in anticipation for the MainNet launch, despite the poor market conditions. Therefore, we do have evidence that TRON can move against the current grain. What next for TRON? Well, as the MainNet is launched, assuming it is rolled out without any hitches, we could see TRON move towards $0.10, this would indeed be an incredible feat for TRON. The MainNet launch does come with some risk, it could fail, however, the TRON Foundation have been working tirelessly to ensure the roll out occurs as smoothly as possible, at this stage, we should have some confidence in the team, given the scale of this update. For now, let’s wait and see what happens, we are cure that next week TRON will break out of this downward trend, to what extent though, we can’t be sure just yet. Overall, bear in mind this is not investment advice, Whilst things look promising for TRON in the future, we could see some problems arise that cause TRON to drop in value. It’s all apart of the ever exciting cryptocurrency game. The markets are volatile, trade well and trade safe!

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