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These Things Will Make Ripple XRP Much More Valuable

These Things Will Make Ripple XRP Much More Valuable
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It’s so easy to get hung up on current facts and figures, current trajectories, 24-hour trading volumes and 24-hour price changes. Sometimes though, we really need to look past that and have a look at how the future looks for various cryptocurrencies. Many, do indeed have the possibility to achieve great things. With the future looking bright, we want to concentrate on Ripple and have a look at a few factors that may eventually bolster the value of XRP for the long term. Of course, there are many other similar coins out there that will have the same advantages, but for ease of reading, this article will focus on Ripple and XRP specifically. Firstly, branding. The Ripple brand and the fame of Ripple and XRP will contribute to XRP growth. Mainstream adoption requires the company behind the product to be known. If nobody knew who Coca Cola where, nobody would buy the drink. Ripple have a very strong brand, moreover, they are about to launch new branding too, something that tends to happen alongside a change of direction. Whatever it is they are planning on doing, could lead XRP, upwards. Next, technology. The technology behind Ripple and XRP is notorious. The team want to make all worldwide payments fast and cheap. Through integrations with xCurrent, xRapid and xVia, Ripple will see their technology adopted, worldwide. We believe this isn’t the end for Ripple technologies, actually, its more like the start. With new announcements in the pipeline, we think Ripple could be on the verge of building some new technologies that in turn, could lead to mainstream adoption and thus a boost in the price of XRP. Finally, XRP itself. In order to earn value, Ripple needed a commodity. XRP is that commodity. One day, we may very well see it as a mainstream payment option. Without that possibility though, XRP would be more like a share. It is however XRP’s personality that means we can see it become a true world-currency eventually. This potential of course will lead to growth. It’s ironic sounding but ultimately, that’s the way it is, XRP, will help XRP grow. Overall, Ripple still promises to become one of the major mainstream adopted cryptocurrencies. As I have mentioned, there are tonnes of altcoins out there that are heading up this race. Ripple however already have such a big fanbase and such investment behind them, it would be quite a shock if another currency managed to beat them too it.

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