Star Of The 2014 FIFA World Cup Launches New Cryptocurrency

Star Of The 2014 FIFA World Cup Launches New Cryptocurrency

For the football fanatics amongst us, if you say ‘star of the 2014 world cup’ the majority of us will hear the name James Rodriguez. Star of the 2014 Columbian world cup team, Rodriguez took the world by storm through his fluent and rather impressive football. Now, Rodriguez has turned to cryptocurrency to launch his latest venture, with a company called Selfsell.

According to a press release in PRNewswire:

“Colombian, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich star, the "JR10 Token", which is named after him, will be available for pre-purchase via the SelfSell App on 27 May, making him the first international football player on active duty to break into the blockchain world through his own cryptocurrency asset. The announcement comes as Rodriguez prepares for the 2018 World Cup, and bids to repeat the goal scoring success of four years ago. James attributes the growth in his professional football career to his supporters. In return, he has co-created the "JR10 Token" with SelfSell as a gift to his fans, aiming to create a closer fan community and more possibilities for him to interact with supporters.”

See the full press release for yourself, here- Selfsell has been designed to generate income through Human Capital Investment. This aims to capitalise on education, training and health thorough self-investment through individual IPO. It encourages people to thrive through contributions from investors, those investors receive a return on that investment though the trading of tokens, tokens such as Rodriguez’ JR10 token. JR10 specifically will allow Rodriguez to find a better relationship with his fans. The token in turn will be exchangeable against exclusive offers, privileges and souvenirs, designed to better the experience of football fans across the world. Overall, Selfsell is quite a complicated concept, the premise of it however, uses blockchain technology to allow innovative people to create their own form of cryptocurrency to better the ‘self-esteem’ of others, at least, that’s how we are translating it. Endorsement from celebrities like Rodriguez means that a whole new crowd and a whole new audience are going to be introduced to the concept of cryptocurrencies, that can only be a good thing overall, right? Featured Image Original Source: Wikipedia Commons

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