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Soon, We Might Be Able To Use Ripple To Hire A Private Jet
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Soon, We Might Be Able To Use Ripple To Hire A Private Jet

TapJets claims to be the worlds first private jet travel app. The app provides customers with options for locating and purchasing private jet travel, a luxury that very few of us might have access to. However, now it seems they wish to expand their services to cover cryptocurrency payments, opening up the possibility of purchasing private jet travel, to the masses. Check them out, here- In a recent tweet, TapJets have opened a poll, stating that their cryptocurrency friends have asked for their project to be included as a payment method for TapJets. The friends in question, seem to be Verge XVG, Ripple XRP and Litecoin LTC. So far, there have been over 53,000 votes, suggesting that this is something that could very well be taken seriously. Such a partnership would have big implications for all of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies. I suppose Litecoin may see the least benefit from this, given that Litecoin adoption has made far more progression than Ripple and Verge adoption, overall though, a partnership of this calibre would encourage some heavy investment into the chosen cryptocurrency. Think about it this way. At present there are flights available (on the auction section of TapJets) for prices up to $4,000.00. If cryptocurrency did become a payment option, there’s a chance that this could very well encourage people to make a big crypto-investment, in order for them to book flights with TapJets. Of course, there are some really well priced flights available too, so users may not always need to make big investments to get involved. Moreover, this as ever can very well encourage new people to start investing in cryptocurrencies, with crypto-payments being unlocked for many new people, who beforehand, may never had considered crypto-investment. Granted, this is a very specific market and overall, if Ripple, Verge or Litecoin did become integrated into the TapJets system, it may be a while before we see any real benefits as a result of this. Either way though, this could be a step in the right direction for cryptocurrency adoption. Moreover, with the travel and tourism industry slowly moving in on blockchain technology, this innovative approach by TapJets, may see them become prolific in the ever expanding crypto-universe.

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