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Here’s Why Verge Could Hit $0.50

Here’s Why Verge Could Hit $0.50
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The peak for Verge XVG currently stands at $0.23, however, given Verge’s capacity to pull together partnerships and develop hype of mass proportions, you could argue that overall, XVG does have the capacity to double this, and hit figures of $0.50. With more and more cryptocurrencies now moving in on their all time peak values, Verge could of course be next, not only through its PornHub announcement but through its overall desire to become an internationally recognised and well adopted cryptocurrency, with a keen focus on privacy. PornHub could indeed go on to provide Verge XVG with a real platform for spending. The adult entertainment site now allows for subscription payments to be made in XVG, meaning, as demand for subscriptions increases, more and more people will purchase Verge in order to get a good price for these subscriptions. Couple that in with the anonymity provided by Verge’s privacy coin and you can very well see why more and more people could be willing to pay for a PornHub subscription which they would otherwise have been unhappy to do so, on the premise that the subscription could be traced back to them. Next up, we have seen movements from the Verge community to develop a partnership with Spotify, which has in turn been seen in a positive light by many fans of Spotify. If this takes off, some of Spotify’s 30Million premium subscribers would also have access to XVG currency. With more buying, the value of Verge would be sure to shoot up. Interestingly, we are starting to see further rumours surfacing, this time regarding PayPal and Venmo. PayPal specifically does relate back to pre-PornHub Verge in that PayPal was indeed on the list of speculative partners for Verge, when they announced the coming of a new partnership at the end of March 2018. Alongside PayPal ran a heavy rumour that Amazon and Amazon Pay could also be involved. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people felt cheated by the eventual PornHub announcement. According to, an unnamed source from Verge has said:
“There is nothing in this industry like momentum, and we have it right now. It is powerful and is pumping adrenaline into the heart of this place right now. Yes, we are pursuing any and all partnerships, but the payments partnerships are at the top of our list. And not just TPay either. Venmo is on the ‘verge’ (lol) of doing some next level stuff and we are hitting them hard to be included. I feel good about the possibilities there, I will say that.”
An announcement of this scale would do really, really good things for Verge and XVG. With such speculation rife, and such promise behind the new emerging Verge customer base, we could very well see XVG hit $0.50. Of course, this might not happen any time soon, but, as we have seen from the example back in March, Verge is very capable of setting up big partnerships and more importantly, XVG is very sensitive to crowd hype and speculation. This is of course not investment advice and is based upon speculation. You should keep an eye on Verge and XVG however, maybe we will see some of these rumours spring to life in the near future. Before you make investment decisions, do your research, it’s vital.

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