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Peer Into Ripple’s XRP Community Night And Their New Announcement

In line with Consensus 2018, Ripple Labs hosted a community night, designed to celebrate the success of the Ripple Community over the past year. They even had Snoop Dogg down to play, fancy that.

Interestingly, throughout the lead up to this event, Ripple gave their community many chances to win free tickets to this exclusive, invite only shindig. In case you didn’t manage to get hold of an invite (or maybe you didn’t even try) have a look at Ripple’s latest video, here- (note, you may even spot XRP’s brand new logo).

New Ripple XRP Logo

See, we thought this event would squeeze some announcements out of the Ripple team, a team that have been very quiet of late. We guessed that this silence may have been as a result of Ripple anticipating something huge to come from this community night. Unfortunately, it looks like we were wrong, in reality, the only big change we see in the wake of this, is Ripple’s cosmopolitan and very serious looking new logo.

Now we must speculate at this point with regards to exactly what this ‘re-brand’ means. Companies don’t just re-brand for the sake of it, generally, new logos are created in light of a new movement, perhaps the launch of a new product or service. With this in mind, we should consider exactly what is going to happen next.

This is of course amplified by the fact the new logo is far removed from Ripple’s original image, the old blue splodge that actually gave Ripple quite a creative edge over the logos of its rival currencies. So, I suspect part of this too, is to give Ripple a more professional, cutting-edge image.

As I write this, Ripple XRP is valued at $0.695 and is up 0.44%, with this in mind we can probably agree that this community night in turn has not had a huge impact on the value of XRP, so from that, I guess nothing too exciting was leaked, before, during, or after the party.

If it was, maybe people where far too intoxicated to notice or to remember, if so, that may be a sentiment to Ripple’s ‘fun’ side.

We should keep an eye on Ripple and XRP from here. The re-brand really could be the sign of a new beginning for this currency, assuming Ripple are able to shake off the drama caused by their pending lawsuit, we could see a very new, slicker, better looking and more popular version of Ripple XRP, hitting the markets very soon.

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