Pay With Litecoin Just Acquired 130,000 New Companies

Pay With Litecoin Just Acquired 130,000 New Companies

#PaywithLitecoin is a movement that aims to push Litecoin adoption into the mainstream. With more and more small businesses signing up to accepting Litecoin payments, the movement does seem to have some bearing. In essence, this aims to provide the world with Litecoin awareness and thus, encourages businesses to start accepting Litecoin on the premise that it will save them time, money and of course, get them more customers. #PaywithLitecoin is a marketing tactic that really does seem to benefit both sides of the campaign. News out this week however, shows that #PaywithLitecoin just received a huge boost, adding 137,000 new companies to the ‘scheme’.

iPayment are a provider of payment processing solutions. They are well established, with around 137,000 small businesses within their portfolio. By providing payment processing solutions iPayment are a key part of this new partnership, between iPayment and Aliant Payment Systems, an independent merchant services provider. Aliant Payment Systems provide cryptocurrency payment processing services and thus, have now provided a link between iPayment, their 1375,000 customers and Bitcoin & Litecoin specifically. According to the official iPayment press release:

“iPayment, Inc., a trusted provider of payment and processing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced a partnership with Aliant Payment Systems, Inc., a leading provider of digital payment acceptance and cryptocurrency processing. With this new partnership, iPayment can now facilitate crypto currency acceptance for merchants and their channel partners. Aliant Payment’s Crypto Processing Gateway gives merchants the opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, in both digital and card-present environments. Through this partnership, iPayment can now provide Aliant’s Crypto Processing Gateway to partners and merchants looking to accept these forms of digital payments.”

The integration of Aliant, into the iPayment system now means that all of iPayment’s customers will have the option to start accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin payments. Moreover, in choosing to do so, the businesses at hand will have very little to change. It seems that within this, Aliant will provide all equipment needed to accept such payments and the facilitation of the payments will be carried out between iPayment and Aliant. Essentially, this is going to provide 137,000 businesses with a brand new, win-win situation. Moreover, the organic marketing potential of #PaywithLitecoin will ensure that these businesses receive a decent amount of online attention, should they choose to add Bitcoin and Litecoin to their payment options. This is a really exciting time for cryptocurrency adoption, with more and more of these sorts of partnerships established each day, the future looks bright for currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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