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New Listing May Pull TRON Up to $0.10

New Listing May Pull TRON Up to $0.10
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More good news for TRON this week as TRX gains another exchange listing, this time on the CoinTiger exchange. According to a recent tweet from Justin Sun of the TRON Foundation, TRX/BITCNY, TRX/BTC and TRX/ETH will be available from the 4th of May (tomorrow). If you’re really eager to get involved, CoinTiger will be accepting deposits from today. According to CoinMarketCap, CoinTiger has a market capitalisation of $53,393,403. In terms of CoinTiger’s most popular currencies by trading volume, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and EOS take the top spot with the trio making up around 65% of CoinTiger’s trading volume at the time of writing. Let’s take a little look at how TRON is performing today. At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.086 and is down 4.33%. Overall, this is a far bleaker outlook for TRON than the values and movements we have seen of late, however, as it stands, we shouldn’t expect this decline to last for too long. Perhaps once the CoinTiger listing goes live, we will see TRON take a turn and start to move back up to $0.10. At the start of this week, TRON did reach $0.097, almost tipping the $0.10 threshold however, market correction seemed to halt TRON in its steps. The pending launch of the TRON MainNet and the migration of TRON from the Ethereum blockchain onto its own blockchain are of course paving the way for a very positive month for TRON. Though this is not due to happen until the end of the month, we expect as speculation and hype develops, the value of TRON and TRX will start to move past $0.10 and ultimately, could hit $1.00. We must also note that TRON has now moved down one place to tenth, in terms of market capitalisation, replaced by the mighty IOTA, which is currently experiencing a bit of a surge. The movement down is not a huge loss for TRON, though it is important that the currency does remain in the top ten, if it wants to continue being taken as seriously as it currently is. Overall, the CoinTiger listing is yet another piece in the puzzle for TRON. Upon migration to its own blockchain, we expect big things and really do hope to see TRON move up, surpassing the expectations of many. For now, let’s wait and see how the TRON foundation and the TRON community behave in the lead up to the end of May, hopefully their excitement won’t get the better of them.

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