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Here’s What Cybersecurity Experts Think About Cryptocurrencies

Here’s What Cybersecurity Experts Think About Cryptocurrencies
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According to new reports out this week, a number of cybersecurity experts have responded to a survey from the 2018 RSA Conference, held recently in San Francisco. The survey was carried out by Lastline, a company which specialises in network-based malware protection. See more about Lastline for yourself, here- According to PRNewswire, the survey approached 200 randomly sampled cybersecurity experts and asked them to provide their thoughts and insight on; Cryptocurrencies, Mining, Ransomware, Chatbots and the Internet of Things (IoT). A sample size of 200 participants is fairly significant, meaning the data gathered by the survey is somewhat indicative of at least the general consensus surrounding cryptocurrencies within the cybersecurity community. As a birth child of cryptography though, who’s essence is built upon cybersecurity, you would be right in thinking that those surveyed may host some bias for the technologies. Either way, the results of the survey suggest that these cybersecurity experts are all for cryptocurrencies, moreover, they do believe that cryptocurrency adoption into the mainstream could very well be a huge part of our future. See the full report in PRNewswire for yourself, here- According to PRNewswire:
“The survey found that 84 percent of security professionals believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay – either as a mainstream alternative to conventional currencies (45.2 percent) or a fringe option (38.9 percent). Enough believe in this new type of money that 14.5 percent would rather collect their salary in cryptocurrency than in a traditional currency.”
What can we deduce from these findings? Well, altogether, 84% of those surveyed believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, either as mainstream cryptocurrencies or as conventional currencies. I believe the latter refers to cryptocurrencies as a replacement for FIAT and sovereign currencies. Very interestingly, 14.5% of the survey population would rather take their salary in cryptocurrency, as opposed to FIAT currency. I think this latter finding really does confirm the level of bias that could exist within the survey sample. Regardless of this, the data does provide some reassurance that tech-experts are getting behind cryptocurrency movements and are of course, strong believers that cryptocurrencies will make way into the mainstream. This also promises that at the very least, our work within the crypto-revolution is not done in vain, just yet at least.

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