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Why Electrum Pro Is Stealing Your Bitcoins

Why Electrum Pro Is Stealing Your Bitcoins
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Electrum Pro is not to be confused with Electrum; the popular Bitcoin wallet. Electrum Pro is quite the opposite – a malicious knock off who are stealing investors Bitcoin, and Electrum have released proof that this is the case. Electrum Pro has instead been designed with malware to hijack private seed keys, and is taking advantage of the name, which has a good reputation. The platform is urging investors to be very careful not to get confused between the two. Since Electrum was made aware of its malicious counterpart, the development team have been doing all they can to alert people to the possibility that the supposed Pro version is in fact a face. According to the company, the counterfeit platform have cloned their brand image, even creating a website to fool unsuspecting investors. Electrum have also claimed that the Electrum Pro are claiming to be a fork of the genuine project. They first alerted users to the fake platform back in April. They then started trying to prove their suspicions, which they have now done in a recent GitHub document. Earlier this month, they tweeted saying that they held evidence which would prove that Electrum Pro was a malicious platform. They then also published the hash of the fake wallet with independent verification. In the document, they detail that Electrum Pro has been infected with a malware that steals the private seed key od users, which are the cryptographic keys that then grant access to the Bitcoins stored in a wallet across multiple addresses. So, when these are managed by the users, the seed key is automatically hacked, sending their Bitcoins to the fake domain. It is advising users who have used the malicious wallet to delete the programme and move all of their Bitcoins at once. They have also advised users of the genuine Electrum wallet to avoid downloading any binaries that come from unofficial sources. If you are in any doubt, ensure that you always visit the official website to download anything that you need.

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