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This Brand-New Partnership Will Secure The Future Of IOTA

This Brand-New Partnership Will Secure The Future Of IOTA
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In some positive news today, we see some more big announcements coming from IOTA that promise to really cement its future as a top ten cryptocurrency. As it stands, IOTA is currently ranked ninth for market capitalisation on with a market capitalisation of $4,867,346,660.00. Recently, TRON did replace IOTA in ninth place, however IOTA proved its worth, ensuring that the TRON reign was only short lived. At the time of writing, IOTA is valued at $1.75 and is down 8.56%. This bleak view has been caused by an overall market decline that has crippled many major cryptocurrencies. Values have been drained and frankly a lot of hope has been lost. As this is a market-wide problem however, we have to look past this misery and look at how the future will allow currencies to recover from this. Soon enough, IOTA will be back on track towards $3.00. This new partnership announcement sees IOTA working alongside, a location sharing service that is designed to enable secure sales and a platform for secure sharing of data. You can see more about and the IOTA partnership, here- According to the blog post on the website:
“By leveraging mechanisms of Distributed Ledger Technology, the and IOTA solution is going to ensure that device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication of telemetry streams is encrypted and the data itself is unalterable. Manufacturers, carriers, inspectors, technology providers, and consumers alike will benefit from this technology. It will increase trust and transparency, ease dispute resolution, result in better compliance breach detection, and consequently prevent faulty products from being delivered to consumers.”
This moves towards securing the future for IOTA simply because it is evidence of yet another partnership with a long-term use for the IOTA Ecosystem. Of course, this itself is unlikely to cause the value of IOTA to skyrocket, that will come when the markets balance out. Overall though, through coupling with, IOTA are securing their position within the upcoming ‘Internet of Things’. The implications of this will go on to benefit the health care sector and major clients of, introducing more new companies to the ever growing and ever expanding IOTA ecosystem.

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