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Bitcoin Private Spikes As John McAfee Weighs In

Bitcoin Private Spikes As John McAfee Weighs In
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Crypto-celebrity John McAfee has weighed in on the rumours surrounding him and Bitcoin Private. As we know, McAfee is an internet security entrepreneur with his fingers well and truly in the crypto-pie. Yesterday in a tweet, he’s said:
“Please people. You think I adopted Bitcoin Private? They adopted me. Privacy is our issue, not an individual coin. They made images. Graphics. I tweeted them. I am available for adoption. For free. We are all in this war together.”
Its quite a cryptic message but I think what McAfee is saying here, is that Bitcoin Private is an important coin and that therefore, they have his blessing. Or words to that effect at least. The important thing to take from this however, is that the tweet has had a profound affect on the value of Bitcoin Private. Most notable in a market that has been moving steadily downwards over the past week and a bit. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Private is valued at $24.18, up 8.87%. This upwards trajectory is of course significant and could allow the value of Bitcoin Private to break free from the overarching market decline that has zapped the life out of cryptocurrencies of late. Any move upwards is positive, if the markets recover through the weekend, but Bitcoin Cash gets a head start, the value of the currency could skyrocket. I doubt this is what McAfee aimed to do with his tweet, but as we know, the markets are emotion driven and therefore, it does look as if people are trading reactively to his comments. We have also recently seen news of the roll out of Bitcoin Private Pay, a privacy-based merchant platform that aims to strive for real world adoption of Bitcoin Private, as this project continues, we can only expect more and more people to get behind the Bitcoin Private movement. See more about the Bitcoin Private Pay project from a Medium post by the team, here- Overall, this current movement is good news for Bitcoin Private. Likewise, with Verge, a direct competitor to Bitcoin Private, only moving downwards, this could be Bitcoin Privates chance to improve its market cap and thus, rise upwards past Verge, which currently sits in 32nd place for market capitalisation. With Bitcoin private steadily in 38th place, the gap is indeed closing in.

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