Astral9 to Take Stellar To The Moon

Astral9 to Take Stellar To The Moon

Astral9 is a new concept which has been designed to facilitate data transfer across the world by using the Stellar ecosystem. They refer to an information ‘superhighway’ and believe that by using the Stellar ecosystem, Astral9 can deliver all forms of data and information, all over the planet, and to other planets too. According to Astral9:

“Bring the Information Superhighway to all Mankind. From the Earth, to the moon, and beyond. Built on the Stellar Ecosystem, Astral9 is the first fully de-centralized All-in-one wireless satellite based internet portal that can be deployed nearly anywhere in the world with no prior installation skills.”

Moreover, Astral9 believe that Stellar is the perfect component to Astral9’s groundbreaking satellite technology. According to Astral9, their mission:

“Is to connect the developing world with media curators and blockchain technology companies by providing low cost (or sometimes free) Wi-Fi connectivity to customers who can benefit from their technology the most over our world class Satellite Network. Our innovative approach to monetizing satellite access platforms bi-directionally, combined with our groundbreaking antenna technology, gives our network maximum financial reach into the solar system.”

This is a really novel and innovative use for the blockchain, should this technology really take off, then the benefits this could provide Stellar are huge. With agencies such as NASA and SpaceX always on the hunt for new technologies, perhaps a blockchain based communication platform, powered by the Stellar ecosystem could really become the future. This pays a huge sentiment to Stellar’s true future vision, as a group that don’t shy away from partnership announcements and grand spectacles, any work of Stellars should be met with enthusiasm and optimism, this one is no exception. How is Stellar looking at the moment? At the time of writing, Stellar is valued at $0.324 and is up 0.04%. Granted, Stellar has had a bit of a fall of late but that is expected given the overall state of the markets. Hopefully, as time goes on, we will see Stellar pick up pace again. More announcements like this one will certainly ensure that this sentiment rings true. Stellars future, is very bright indeed.

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