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Verge Up 15% After Another Huge Verge Partnership Announcement

Verge Up 15% After Another Huge Verge Partnership Announcement
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As everyone and their dog knows, Verge have announced what seems to be a very expensive partnership with Adult Entertainment provider, Porn Hub. The announcement came after a month of speculation, during which every single possible partnership was contemplated. The biggest link drawn, did actually involve Amazon and Amazon Pay, something that the Verge team are probably kicking themselves for now, as, since the announcement, we saw the value of Verge plummet. The post-announcement period saw Verge drop from a height of $0.11, down to a low of $0.06 as recorded yesterday. Today however, Verge seems to be taking huge leaps upwards, at the time of writing, Verge currently stands at $0.07, up almost 15%. What’s happened here? Well, according to this tweet from XVGWhale, Verge are now on the edge of officially announcing a partnership with mobile phone application group, More Fun. More Fun provide a platform for mobile phone applications, a number of which are based around mobile gaming. According to XVG Whale, this service will start to integrate Verge’s XVG currency into the game to allow for both trades and in-app payments. This has a stark contrast to the recent PornHub announcement. People did feel a bit let down by Verge, not because of the nature of their announcement, more, as a result of the hype they forced leading up to the announcement. Perhaps, they knew people would be let down so wanted to make the most of an opportunity to boost the value of Verge, maybe it was damage control? Either way, what do we make of this announcement? There’s nothing official from the Verge camp yet, XVGWhale has posted a tonne of photos with the tweet shown, so I suppose that provides some evidence but really, could this just be a case of Verge trying to pump some value back into their currency? Total, mobile phone app integration of Verge would be huge, not only does it give more people more access to XVG, it also encourages people to spend it. This is essential. Although, with PornHub official, I imagine a lot of new people will be spending a lot of Verge very soon. To me, we are now in a contrast period, old Verge fans have departed, now Verge are making way for a new type of client, one which they seem to believe will bring them untold riches over the coming months. We will have to wait and see. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay

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