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Verge (XVG) Might Still Hit $2.00

Verge (XVG) Might Still Hit $2.00
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Yesterday, the hugely anticipated Verge partnership announcement went live. After the currency made terrific gains, the onset of the announcement saw its value drop, very suddenly. And seemingly, it’s continuing to do so. At the time of writing, Verge is valued at $0.073, down 32.97%, suggesting that people really are disappointed about their new partners – Porn Hub. This is most concerning when you look at the fact Verge managed to hit £0.11 yesterday, powered by the anticipation of what promised to be a ground-breaking announcement. The new partnership, sees the Verge ‘privacy coin’ added to Porn Hub as a payment option for their porn-subscription services. The partnership has been met with some mixed reviews, with many people questioning the need for Verge to be integrated into Porn Hub’s systems. I do think most of the disappointment however comes from the fact Verge have really hyped this announcement up in order to pump the value of XVG, in doing so, they have acted deceitfully. Okay, so they haven’t lied at any point, but what they have done is let the rumours get the better of them. Despite this lapse in the currency, and the withdrawal of many supporters, the Porn Hub announcement might start to pick up some pace and bring the Verge currency into the forefront of a new arena, albeit a very specific arena. According to, Porn Hub is worth just short of $4billion, pulling in an estimated $1,170,328 per day. estimates Porn Hubs traffic to reach 78,021,978 visits per day, reaching just short of an estimated 12billion page views per month. Interestingly, 188,264 people have used the Worth of Web calculator to reveal these statistics, apparently. In theory, that’s 12billion people a month, who now have access to a Verge based payment system. Granted, out of those 12billion views, many visitors won’t be using the sites subscription service, but perhaps the privacy promised by Verge may encourage more people to do so. If this wasn’t the plan, why wouldn’t the website just continue to accept standard currencies? Verge is known as the privacy coin and operates a super secretive blockchain, perhaps this protection might encourage more people to subscribe to websites like Porn Hub, with the anonymity being used to mask any associated guilt that may otherwise arise should a regular subscription transaction for Porn Hub leave your bank account each month. If this is the case, then of course, we will see more people buying Verge and ultimately, more people spending Verge which will put the price up, maybe one day it will reach $2.00, who knows. There are a lot of people who have been left disappointed by this and thus has revoked their affiliation with Verge, they will lose a huge fanbase over the next few weeks but in the meantime, they may adopt a very new and very different fan base, who, in turn will theoretically eventually start buying and spending again. Verge is not going to sky rocket from here, it will no doubt continue to fall over the coming days and weeks, but, as the use of Verge on Porn Hub starts to become a more attractive prospect, maybe we will see it’s value start to rise, higher than before. 12billion hits per month is a colossal amount, therefore, there’s a lot of potential here for Verge to recover. On a more novel note, in 2016 Porn Hub reported that an equivalent of 4.6billion hours of porn was consumed. On the basis that one year contains 8,760 hours, that means in 2016, Porn Hub users watched just under 52,500 years of porn. 52,500 years ago, the Earth saw the Upper Palaeolithic Age, or the Late Stone Age. That’s almost equivalent to one person continuously watching porn since the late stone age. That’s fascinating. Perhaps Verge really are on to something. Featured Image Original Source: Wikipedia Commons

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