Ripple & Apple Partnership Has The Potential To Sky Rocket XRP Price

Ripple & Apple Partnership Has The Potential To Sky Rocket XRP Price

We came into April this year with an image of endless Ripple partnership announcements. Interestingly, we were sort of right. Numerous partnerships have of course been released and announced thus far this month, with many others that have been assumed over the past few days as well.

The big ones include Santander with the new OnePay FX money transfer app and of course, most notably, a partnership with tech giants, Apple. Many people are refuting this partnership when it comes down to XRP, with people refusing to believe that any partnerships Ripple are making have the XRP currency in mind. Rather, it does seem more likely that actually, these companies are only interested in Ripple’s other payment solutions and not the native cryptocurrency itself. As Jungle Inc highlights however, XRP is a product that can solve a problem.

It’s a currency with a value that can be used that ultimately, will be used within partnerships, eventually. Jungle Inc refers to the current partnerships as ‘building roads to success’ and that by integrating systems such as xCurrent and xRapid into payment solutions like OnePay FX is a building block towards eventual XRP integration.

You can see the video by Jungle Inc for yourself, here- Apple is known for integrating current technologies into the mainstream. Therefore, it seems right that they might be at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption. Apple make their products easy to use by offering a simple user interface. Apple made the smart phone mainstream, therefore, could Apple make cryptocurrency main stream? Quite possibly. So, the recent news is that Apple will be integrating Ripple’s inter-ledger payment system into their services. Again, no direct correlation with XRP currency as such, but it does indeed open the door to a potential XRP integration in the future.

If we think about how huge Apple is as a company and how many customers they have, opening up the option to pay for products with XRP would have a monstrous impact on the currency, not just in terms of value but in terms of adoption as well. This is a very optimistic outlook for a currency that only seems to grow. Investors hope to see Ripple hit the $10.00 mark soon, yet at the time of writing Ripple is only valued at $0.65, so we can say at this point, there is still quite a long way to go. It does go without saying however that should Apple start using XRP and facilitating XRP payments, the $10.00 target could grow to a $50.00 and beyond.

As more news about the Ripple and Apple partnership surfaces, expect the value of XRP to change. It could sky rocket, given the circumstances I have discussed above. As ever though, before choosing to invest, do adequate prior research. This is simply just speculation and until we see XRP as a payment option on the app store, we can’t be 100% certain that XRP integration will occur. It does however make quite a nice concept and offers a promising outlook for the future of XRP as an internationally adopted cryptocurrency, probably the first of its kind.

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