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Reddcoin Still Green And Could Hit $1.00

Reddcoin Still Green And Could Hit $1.00
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Reddcoin, another alt-coin that just seems to be smashing its way up the markets recently. Whilst it does hold very little value in the grand scheme of things, the positive climbs of Reddcoin provide a very promising outlook for investors who hope that one day it will breach the it’s top value of $0.03, as seen in January during the cryptocurrency boom at the start of the year. At the time of writing, Reddcoin is valued at $0.0067 and is moving up at 11.75%. This is a fantastic sign for a currency that has actually been climbing ever since the start of April. Of course, the mid-April surge last week did provide an excellent boost to Reddcoin, moving it from a value of $0.003 up to $0.005 in a matter of minutes, a trend that since then, hasn’t really halted. What’s happening with Reddcoin? It’s trading volume has increased significantly, its gone up by around 700%, something that really is exciting the team behind the currency. One spokesperson from Reddcoin, tweeted that the success of the coin of late is simply deown to the ‘intrinsic awesomeness of Reddcoin and its #Reddhead community’. I’m not sure intrinsic awesomeness has such a big impact on market trends, but it’s a positive and well-meant tweet overall. Very recently, Reddcoin released two new projects which promise to let Reddcoin reach $1.00, apparently. First of all, ReddCard, a Reddcoin card that will allow users to send Reddcoin via a card, containing a QR code. This will also work as a format for depositing funds into a Reddcard wallet. Secondly, ReddPay, a feature that promises to bridge the gap between Reddcoin and FIAT currency payments. ReddPay aims to estabmish a simple system for fund transfer, without excessive registrations and excessive fees. You can have a look at ReddPay for yourself, here- So, Reddcoin is a long way off the $1.00 mark thus far, however, through increased interaction with the currency, as a result of ReddCard and ReddPay, there’s no reason the value of the coin can’t sky rocket over the next few months. If it does $0.10 will be pretty achievable. When this is the case, you can expect further investment to occur which in turn may eventually drive the price of the currency up towards $1.00. Either way, the introduction of these two services does look to have had a very positive impact on the value of the currency. The price is rising, and it looks like it will continue to do so. Let’s see how Reddcoin performs over the next few weeks, maybe their claims that it could hit $1.00 aren’t as crazy as we first thought.

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