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Ten Corners For Cryptocurrency In 2018

Ten Corners For Cryptocurrency In 2018
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The International Business Times have produced an article which highlights their Top 10 Trends for the Blockchain Revolution through 2018 and beyond. We have had a look and have a few extra comments to make. See the article yourself here- IB Times see these points as trends however, we see them as turning points, turning points which are essential to the development of the industry. Higher Prices for Bitcoin and Alt-Coins Obviously, higher prices need to be achieved. If we go back to this time last year, cryptocurrency is killing’ it. However, compare it to the start of 2018 and things have gone from bad to worse, progression can only be guaranteed if value starts to rack up, which it will of course. Delisting Useless Tokens on Exchanges IB Times argue that exchanges must de-list certain tokens or risk closing forever at the foot of new regulations. Perhaps here, the issue isn’t with the exchanges and that the tokens that are already listed should be making movements to clean up their act so to speak. Either way, regulations are going to play a big part in how 2018 develops with regards to the future of certain exchanges, that’s for sure. Higher Quality Entrepreneurs go to Blockchain We agree, this is something that should happen and indeed it is something that seems to be happening. Companies like Ripple are looking to be getting big corporations on board, once they are on board, another corner will be turned, opening a whole new path for the future of cryptocurrency in 2018 and beyond. A Shift Away from Ethereum IB Times are referring to a scalability problem for both Ethereum and Ethereum tokens although I wouldn’t say an entire shift away from this is a ‘trend’ that is occurring in 2018. Ethereum plays a colossal part in the blockchain revolution and thus needs to be included in all future plans. Some critics do feel that the Ethereum system needs to be made efficient, if that is indeed the case then let it happen, don’t just shun it off for good. Central Banks to Embrace Blockchain Technology Yep, this needs to happen. Let’s face it, for crypto-adoption to become realistic the banks need to be onboard. Again, this is something that is happening and indeed, something that will develop through the rest of this year. China’s Crypto-Prohibition to Intensify As we are approaching IB Times points as turning points and not trends as such, this would be a very bad turning point, especially for cryptocurrency trading in Asia. With its neighbours doing the opposite however, China’s stance is a tricky one. Let’s hope as regulations start to become the norm, China can establish a plan for integrating the blockchain into their future. A rise of Decentralised Exchanges As more exchanges rise, the greater the community will get. Whilst this is longer term than a bench marked turning point, it is important in ensuring the industry flourishes into next year. Declining ICO Success Again, to see this as a turning point is not really accurate. For us, we need to see greater success within legitimate ICO’s. Overall there probably will be a trend of declining success for all ICO’s, unfortunately, regulation may have something to do with this. Providing a cleaner format for ICO regulation is the turning point we need to reach here. Regulation Yes, regulation is indeed a trend and is indeed a turning point. Safety, security and efficiency needs to come out as a result of this. Regulation needs to step away from censorship and control and thus needs to accept that people do crypto. It is what it is, and it will continue to be that way. A big turning point this year will come from how regulations are interpreted and of course established. Promoter Scrutiny IB Times are saying that, this might not be a trend, but it should be. YouTubers and bloggers who promote certain coins and products need to be placed under greater scrutiny as their advice can often have a detrimental impact on some people’s investment decisions. Overall, this again doesn’t serve as a turning point unless you refer to honesty. Maybe one big turning point in 2018 is that the blockchain revolution cannot progress until people become honest about predictions and investments. The points made by the IB Times about emerging trends are rather insightful and have provided a platform for ourselves to be able to look at how these trends can be seen as a bigger picture. This article is not saying that once these 10 corners are accomplished, cryptocurrency will finally have a solution. In fact, these points are just small turns on the maze that is the economy and there is much more to be done before a utopia can be revealed.

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