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EOS Is Setting A Trend And Heads Towards $9.00 Again

EOS Is Setting A Trend And Heads Towards $9.00 Again
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This morning (17th of April) we are seeing some light movements in the markets, most of which seem to indicate some positive gains in light of yesterday’s minor correction period. Whilst this does not suggest that the markets have regained equilibrium after the mid-April market surge, it does suggest that over the next few days, we could see some balance injected back into the market values, ready for a new and exciting week. EOS, seemed to be the currency that led the way last week, peaking way before the boom and continuing to do so during. Then, as the surge tailed off, EOS led the descent before levelling back out at around $8.00. Very good, considering just a week earlier, EOS averaged out at around $6.00. How is EOS looking now? At the time of writing, EOS sits at $8.70 and is moving up at 7.34%. EOS has a total market cap of $6,952,347,647. EOS has already reached a two-day high today and only looks to be moving upwards, towards the $9.00 threshold. Now, if we consider once more that just a few weeks back, EOS was almost touching $5.00, you can see that the currency has made some excellent progress, outside of the market surge. In fact, the surge itself only had little impact on EOS, possibly as a result of it’s cracking performance a few days prior. Why is $9.00 a good sign for EOS? During the start of 2018, in the midst of the cryptocurrency boom, we saw EOS peak at $18.00, therefore, the $9.00 threshold marks a half way point in terms of a possible recovery back up to that level. Few currencies have managed to maintain a stable presence at that half way point so with EOS seemingly on track to do so, we can assume that eventually, EOS will breach double figures and move up to $10.00, possibly even reaching as high as $15.00 providing it is able to get a boost from any future bull runs that are apparently on the horizon. Also, we should point out that last week, EOS started to make tracks before the rest of the market, which eventually resulted in the surge. I’m not saying EOS is a trend setter, but maybe this current rise in value from EOS, is an indicator that a second surge is closer than we think?

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