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Simple Truth Of A Falling Market
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Simple Truth Of A Falling Market

After a 2017 of riding high, the cryptocurrency market is starting to face up to some harsh realities about the nature of its own stability. Indeed, the market capitalisation currently sits somewhere below 400 billion USD for the first time in a long while, leaving investors and crypto enthusiasts at a loss in regards to what to do next. It is worth remembering, however, that although the market trends seem to indicate a crash, they may well pick up and simply move in a flat line.
One of the main reasons that the market is facing these issues is that there is a lack of interest in buying. Although the world of crypto becomes less arcane and it is increasingly covered in major media outlets, the economy is not conducive to investment right now, and there have been a number of stories about the volatility of cryptocurrencies that might make people think twice before investing. Another interesting thing to point out in the midst of this downturn is that a MT Gox trustee sold off 400 million USD worth of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. This took place between December 2017 and February 2018, and resulted in lots of extra bitcoins hitting the market at precisely the wrong moment. Indeed, this caused a downturn for the already volatile market. Despite this, the primary reason remains the general lack of interest in buying, across all forms of cryptocurrency. While the price charts of these currencies saw mostly positive things last year, new scrutiny and regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies from countries including the US, China and South Korea may hinder this kind of growth in 2018. For now, it remains to be seen what the fate of the market will be, and it is up to investors to monitor figures stringently if they are to handle their money responsibly. Source:

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